Meeting Minutes

EGA Meeting Minutes—October 1, 2013

Meeting began at 6:38pm

1. Update from Ian Colmer (, GTA Representative for the Composition Committee:

    • The Composition Committee is reevaluating the number of library visits for Comp. II classes. They are considering making two visits mandatory, and a third one optional.

2. EGA Tailgate, October 12 (Homecoming):

  • EGA is having our first ever tailgate on Saturday, October 12th! Tailgating begins at 8am and goes until 3 hours after the game. The game starts at 1pm. The English Department graciously paid for our tent. EGA is supplying the basics: table, chairs, hotdogs, hamburgers, buns, vegan hotdogs, condiments, plates, napkins, cups, etc.
  • If you come to the tailgate, please bring a side dish, dessert or tailgate game to share. Jessica Sims is brining tailgate golf already, so pick something else.
  • Friends and significant others are welcome!
  • Questions/comments/concerns? Contact Ginny (

3. Information on EGA Workshops/Panels from Madison Jones (, MA Co-Chair

  • EGA is looking to put together some workshops/panels focusing on professional development. WE NEED YOUR SUGGESTIONS FOR TOPICS OR THEMES! Suggested so far: preparing for the job market, applying to PhD programs.
  • Two committees were formed to explore other potential topics of interest. The MA committee is: Madison, Charlie and Taylor. The PhD committee is Robin, Mallory and Ginny. Expect to hear more about panels in the coming weeks.

6:49pm: Meeting temporarily suspended to hear about tonight’s food specials. FYI: Tuesday night is ½ price for a bottle of wine at the Hound! Kirsten is forced to eat her first pork rind.

6:51pm: Meeting resumes

4. Update from Mallory Porch (, Graduate Representative at Faculty Meetings

  • Mallory discussed some of the topics discussed at the last faculty meeting. She posted about this on Facebook awhile back, and since her summary is going to be much better than mine, I’m re-posting it here:

The faculty members discussed several large-picture questions (i.e. What can be done to enhance graduate programs in all general areas? If additional student funding is received, how can that best be turned to advantage? How can special areas of graduate study be empowered without duplication of effort, silos, or administrative confusion? What should the graduate program look like in 5-10 years?)

My question for you is, what can I pass on to the faculty about graduate student needs? For instance, a summer seminar on article writing was suggested (which I think sounds awesome). But what do you think? Would you like to see a seminar on dissertation writing offered during the school year? Would you like to have a separate facebook group for both grad students and professors, to encourage a culture of question-answering and problem-solving similar to the one we have here at Auburn English People? What issues of professionalization do you think need to be addressed in a more structured manner?

If you have answers to any of these questions, or new questions that you’d like to begin a dialogue on, message me with them and I’ll try to get them to the right people.

5. EGA Website

  • EGA has a new website! The address is: The hope for the website is that it is a centralized place where Auburn English grad students can find reliable information that’s important to them. Obviously, the site is in its infancy, so we’re looking for comments/questions/suggestions— particularly on the FAQ pages. If you do have some input, feel free to email Kirsten (
  • The faculty suggested that the EGA site also have a section for conferences— lists of premier conferences by field, CFPs, etc. EGA appointed a committee to compile this information: Adam, Taylor and Mallory.

7:10: Group picture!

6. Upcoming events

  • EGA will be having their annual colloquium in the Spring. The EGA Colloquium is an Auburn-only conference for English department graduate students and faculty. It’s a supportive, low-stress place to present a paper! DO IT!
  • Shakespeare Week is coming! We’re not sure what it is about Shakespeare that we’re celebrating, but EGA has been encouraged to participate. Leslie suggested we do a staged reading. More information forthcoming.

7:15pm: Meeting degenerates as Ginny loses control of the group.